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Upcoming Products

High Speed SERDES


Multi-Protocol bi-directional multi-lane Re-Timers up to 32 Gbps data rates. With <10pJ/bit power-consumption and < 10ns latency these support features like CXL for next-gen AI/ML applications.

Motherboard Installation
Beamforming IC

Quad-Transceiver with 3 deg phase resolution and 0.5dB gain resolution for Phased Array Radars and 3GPP Beamforming. Supports TX-RX multiplexing in TDD modes and full 360 deg phase control and upto 31dB gain adjustment.

Satellite Dish
High Speed PLLs






High-Speed, sub 50 fs RMS jitter PLLs for consumer and space-grade applications

Pocket Watch
AI/ML Interface IPs





Custom low-power, latency optimized interface solutions for data-driven AI/ML world in FinFet technology

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